Thursday, December 8, 2011

Somtimes it's Hard to Meditate

In the poem Meditaions of The South Valley, Jimmy Santiago Baca gives a eulogy of sorts to his friend Eddie, a multifaceted young Man who died of a gunshot to the head. There does seem to be contrast to this character, but only to the reader who does not understand that all things are not either white or black.  Eddie is described as the type of man who would walk to the store with his grandmother but at the same time would also stand on the frontlines with his carnales when it was time to do so.  Though there are some references to drug use and what is largely reguarded as "Gang Activity", Baca does not present them as a crtiticism, rather more as a simple newsreport of what was going on in this young mans existance and how it is a reflection of what occurs in many of our communities.
I recall a friend of mine named Charlie who was recently killed by police officers in after stealing a car. When I frequent the Colonia he once lived in, I walk past his eulogy. Black writing on a white wall "Zapata 13". Like Baca, I dont bother myself with looking at people the perspective of morality, rather I look at Charlie much as Baca looked at Eddie, just another young brotherwho left us much to soon. Rest in peace to both of these brothers.

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